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Submit Loan Device Activity

Thanks to a grant from BeConnected and The Good Things Foundation, until December 2020 the following devices will be available for 14-day free loan to SPLC members (T&Cs apply, devices training will be provided at SPLC every Friday 12 pm - 1 pm).

Please call us on 9367 1254 or e-mail us admin@splc.org.au if you are interested!

Apple iPad

iPads need little explanation, they have revolutionised consumer use and engagement with the internet. Most recommended for people who already use an iPhone, and would like to explore using an iPhone-ish device with a larger screen. More info

Lenovo Chromebook Laptop

A Chromebook is a simple pared down laptop that is mostly an internet browser. They are suited to members who are more comfortable exploring the internet using a device with a keyboard, mouse and a larger screen (rather than a touchscreen device). More info

Samsung Pocket Tablet

Our Samsung Galaxy 7-inch tablets are more portable (the size of a pocket book) and run Google’s Android OS. If you are vacillating between a larger (10 inch) and smaller (7 inch) device, and/or are used to an Android phone, try borrowing this device. More info

Vivid Wireless 4G Modem (Internet Included)

If you do not have access to the internet, we can lend you our 4G modems. Just plug in the power plug, and you will have access to an internet plan, courtesy of SPLC and BeConnected/The Good Things Foundation. More info

Telstra Smartphone

A simple Android smartphone that you can borrow bundled with a basic phone plan, to ease your transition from a smartphone to a feature phone (also known by the less PC name ‘dumbphone’) . More info

Lenovo Smart Display

Our state of the art voice activated Smart Display devices are the next tech iteration for everyday users. You use it by speaking to it: “what’s the weather like tomorrow?”, “play some Cliff Richard”, “show me a lasagna recipe” (for privacy concerns, there is a physical off-switch for the microphone). for those curious about the latest in Artificial Intelligence! More info