SPLC Tech Skills for Seniors

South Perth Learning Centre
96 South Terrace, South Perth WA 6151
0459 571 736

Here’s what participants have to say about their Be Connected sessions at SPLC:

“Found SPLC Be Connected to be useful & informative. Instructors were efficient & knew their area of expertise. Great.”

“A fantastic way of helping people with those frustrating little computer issues and a handy introduction to useful sites like Gumtree, myGov etc. Thanks for the courses.”

“We found our session with Carlos extremely useful. Thank you for the opportunity of having such a session free of charge.”

“I took advantage of your free one-on-one sessions on & it helped me no end, to navigate my way around the internet. The young facilitator knew exactly what I needed to know, & was able to show me on my device (tablet) within minutes, how to access saoe information. These classes are truly invaluable to folk of my generation, & I sincerely hope they will continue to be funded in 2022.”

“My SPLC Be Connected session was really worthwhile. I learned a bit more about apps and the session has given me more confidence to explore their capabilities and download them to my phone. I have realised that I have much more to learn and explore.”

“My wife has attended 3 Be Connected sessions at SPLC: Organising digital photography, selling on Gum Tree and Digitisation of Vaccination Certification. She has found all three sessions informative and helpful, delivered by friendly experts who are patient, clear and take the time to explain how to benefit from the digital world. Fantastic service and we both hope Be Connected can continue at SPLC in 2022.”

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