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Renew Your Confidence and Strength with Olympifit

21 Jul 2020

Let me introduce myself: My name is Yvonne Richardson and I turned 81 years young in February 2020. Like most folk who have seen 3 score years, plus 10, plus another 10….. I have certainly had my share of health problems and of course, still have some ongoing ones. I remain at this point in time… a cancer survivor and I’ve survived a number of other health battles that we won’t even go into. I also have Osteoporosis. All of this creates in one’s mind and is reinforced by the medical people as well often by friends, acquaintances and even some family – that you are JUST GETTING OLD and it’s time to sit down and accept it. But, as some wise person said: “don’t hark the voices and expectations of others – just do it and live life”.

Some 4 – 5 months ago, at the urging of my daughter, I went along with her to “Olympifit” to meet Coach Bob and have a little talk. After checking out all my various health issues, both past and ongoing, he took hold of a broomstick and got me to do some simple lifting exercises which were fairly easy until I had to lift it over my head to the back of my neck…. That wouldn’t even come close. My arms hadn’t bent that far back in years. He just smiled and said, “that’s OK, it will come”. To my surprise, it did, way more quickly than I thought it would…Bob put me on a specific program which gradually increased my core strength, and so with his expertise, his encouragement and faith in what he knows I can achieve, I graduated slowly to a 5kg bar and no-one was more surprised than me when I could easily get that over my head onto my shoulders and bend forward to say “Good Morning”. Wow! From being an early sceptic, my focus changed to having absolute trust in Coach Bob. If Bob said I could “lift” 25kg, then I could. Later, I did. When I first started, he promised that he would build my strength, in spite of my osteoporosis in spite of the fact that 12 short years ago, I crushed 2 vertebrae’s in my back and at that time the attending Dr said he doubted I would walk again. Oh! The negatives! 3 months after starting by just lifting a broomstick, Bob put me through a strength test. Unbelievably my top lift was 50kg. What more can I say!!! I feel 10 years younger, have developed more self-confidence that I am not going to fall over when walking, and now I feel so much stronger in myself. I no longer walk as though I will fall over.

At 81, I don’t see myself as “an old lady” anymore after just a few short months. I know now, that as coach Bob continues to challenge me with ever-new programs, I will achieve my full potential and continue to be amazed. I would encourage anyone, who might feel life is all downhill from here to contact Olympifit and have a chat to Coach Bob.

Olympifit starts Wednesday the 29th of July at 1.00pm and runs for 8 weeks.

To enrol head to: https://www.splc.org.au/programme