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Ergonomics: Your Posture and Your Device (Video)

14 Apr 2020

By Didi Mudigdo

The spread of COVID-19 has driven many educational institutions and organisations online. Here at SPLC, our online offerings will start in a few weeks, 4th May 2020 to be exact.

Here are some videos discussing ergonomical considerations, in attending your upcoming online course at SPLC or elsewhere.

Update 24.04.2020 - Yesterday The Guardian Australia published a comprehensive article on home office ergonomics with expert input from a physio, rehab consultant and more. Read the article here (yes, there is a photo of a laptop on a stack of books, could it be that the journalist follows SPLC TV?)

Part 1: Smartphones & Tablets

Part 1: Smartphones Tablets

Part 2: Laptops

Part 2: Laptops